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What is credit card with credit line?

The credit limit forms the financial scope of a credit card and is therefore one of the most important basic services of the means of payment. Here you can find out what conditions are associated with this “limit” and what needs to be considered. see for further notes What is a credit limit? A… Read More »

Alternatives for everyone who does not get a loan from the bank

With increasing frequency, loan applications from banks are rejected. This is justified in various circumstances. For example, the current German banking crisis is making many banks difficult. Accordingly, there is no sense of risk-taking action here, so the banks are demanding more and more security. However, not all potential borrowers can match this fact, especially… Read More »

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Loan for low earners – This is how you get a loan

If you only have a low monthly income, many banks do not have the best options when it comes to granting a loan. Due to the low income and the monthly fixed costs, the creditworthiness of the borrower is rated low. Even so, low-income loans are not impossible . The house bank can often help… Read More »

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Wedding loan – Plan your future wedding

  If you are planning a wedding, you have to expect that it will quickly make money. Much is not considered, because the food that is delivered and the decoration always cost money. There are also wedding attire for the bride and groom. These are not cheap and often there is not enough money to… Read More »

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Credit for plastic surgery – Fulfill your desires

Nowadays, plastic surgery is no longer reserved for the upper class. If there is a desire for a change in the body, be it on the nose, chest or legs, everyone can benefit from such an operation. You only have to pay the intended price, because in most cases the costs are not covered by… Read More »

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Call periods and loan commitment interest

The call period is a term from the banking sector It describes the period in which the borrower can actually take advantage of an applied for and approved loan. The interest rate agreed upon when the loan agreement is concluded applies. In principle, a bank can also grant an expiry period for a simple consumer… Read More »

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Credit for travel – Vacation loan

Anyone who needs a credit for a trip today can look forward to a wide range of offers. Numerous banks today offer a “vacation loan” that is specifically tailored to the needs of the borrower. Online credit can also be used as a loan for a trip. The online banks on the Internet today offer… Read More »

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Credit for deposit and commission

If you are looking for a new apartment, you know that the rental costs will not stay the same. A security deposit is due for the landlord when the rental contract is concluded. In addition, there is the commission for the broker if the apartment was arranged through them. These are costs that not everyone… Read More »

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